Best Streetball Tricks

Streetball is basketball with more relaxed rules and it is differently organized in terms of team size. It is typically played outdoors and the calling of fouls is not encouraged. Most commonly played with 3 players per team and on one basket. Let’s go a bit more into detail about that and the differences between game styles.

Streetball Tricks

• There’s less familiarity between the players and they get mixed up often. There is no set role and everyone is looking to score.

• There’s no off-ball screens

• No set plays

• Fewer 3-pointers compared to NBA

• Not much switching zones, more 1 on 1 defense.

Streetball is characterized by improvisation, tricks and aggressive game style.

Here are a few cool moves you can try out on the court. Some of them are not exactly clean moves to be used in NBA, or they have been created on the court in streetball. They’re designed to “break ankles” and destroy defenders. Check Out Our Recommended Basketball Shoes here

The Mini Slide

A flashy move: bounce the ball inside-out between your legs and don’t catch it with the same hand behind your back. Use the other hand to catch it next to your legs with a low dribble.

Variation: Push the ball a little bit higher and harder to catch the ball and flip it in which direction you want. For example if the ball is moving to the right, step with your left foot to the direction where the basketball is. Depending on the spacing you can modify the footwork to get different results and force the defender to give you more space.

Cycle Step Back Combo

Two inside-outs between the legs while spinning back. Do the inside-out between the legs, spin so the opposite foot comes back completely and while moving backwards complete another inside-out. The counter-move you can use with this is a shot-fake hesitation and dry.

Slip Scissors

Start with a slip inside too pull the ball back and use the hand that isn’t on the ball to place it on the ground. Pivot back, keep the leg lifted and drop the basketball underneath the leg.

Behind The Back “Shammgod”

In a regular shamgod you push the ball in front of you. In this move you dribble the ball a little bit closer to your side, bring the opposite hand behind the back and pull it back. Keep the palms always facing the ground for a better handling of the ball.

Shadow Shuffle

Move your body opposite to the basketball and keep it hidden behind your back. Dribble the basketball way down and put the leg to the opposite side. Doing this quickly confuses defenders. Push the basketball in one direction behind your back high and then finish with a low behind the back.