Kobe Bryant Injured vs. Rockets

"Kobe Bryant left during the fourth quarter Wednesday's 102-77 loss to Houston with a minor groin strain, after converting only six of 18 shots for 20 points in 34 minutes of play.

Wednesday was another example of the "How Kobe Goes, So Go the Lakers" theory, as the team was blown out in a game that Kobe Bryant struggled in. Kobe Bryant's injury isn't considered serious." Saddest part is.. he started hot.. 3/3 from the field plus unblemished from the line. Poised for a big game, then cooled down.. Oh well, hopefully all is well. Two terrible losses by the Lakers (Memphis & Houston) after a great victory vs. Dallas.

Los Angeles Lakers have two big games coming up, next at home vs. Orlando friday, and monday at home vs. Miami (Shaq's return game). .. then after that back to backs @SAS and @DAL. bahh!! get healthy!!