Kobe Bryant’s Asian Tour

Looking for a Tarzana Dentist? Dr Mike Smith is the leading Tarzana Procelian Veneers specialist with being a Tarzana Cosmetic Dentist as well as having the number one Beverly Hills Dental Spa Even though Kobe Bryant wasn’t able to play in the world championships because of a knee injury, he’s currently busy with his Asian tour this month and they’ve got his schedule jammed with appearances.

Kobe Bryant's Asian tour has already taken him to Japan where he ran a basketball camp for 170 kids at an outdoor park. He even told the kids he does not have a favorite move. “I try practicing all of them,” he said.

Kobe’s next destination was Disneyland Hong Kong, where he hosted a group of kids and joined them in a “day of Disney fun.”

During his stay at Taiwan last Thursday, Kobe delivered his “message and philosophy” to young people of Taiwan.

After leaving Taiwan last Friday, he went straight to Seoul, South Korea, where Kobe “hosted a talk show” with Korean-American “heartthrob” Daniel Henney. Kobe Bryant talked about his life and career.

He also took part in the closing ceremony of a Nike training camp for youngsters as a coach in Beijing on Saturday and watched a game of Nike Chinese Middle School League.

"The basketball atmosphere is awesome," Bryant said. "Yao Ming opened the door for Chinese at NBA. He set a good example of how Chinese players made it into NBA.

"It's not about where you're from, it's about your practice and effort. I am looking forward to seeing more Chinese players in NBA."