Kobe Predicted MVP

He can't top last season, but that doesn't mean he won't win MVP if the Los Angeles Los Angeles Lakerskers can get into the playoffs again. Phil Jackson won't let them get worse this season, and I believe Kobe won't either. All he really has to do is be a better teammate. It was all about him last season, and if teams weren't gunning for him then, they have now had an entire offseason to prepare for him X amount of times this season.

What's most interesting about the MVP is that it's been won by the best players of the past ten years, minus Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant, Wade and LeBron James (and these last two seasons, Dirk needs to be mentioned, too). Duncan, Garnett, Shaq, Iverson, and Nash have all won it. Nobody will deny that LeBron will get his, and Wade too. TMac may unfortunately have peaked too soon. But Kobe? His best personal will unquestionably go down as this past one, and he still didn't win the MVP. What more does he need to do to be recognized as the best in the game? I think this season will answer that question. As a basketball player, if all goes to plan, he may look back on this coming one twenty years from now and say it was his best.