LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers send Kobe Bryant and the Lakers home losers

Kobe Bryant put on a typical Kobe all star performance Sunday afternoon to lead the Lakers and all players in scoring with 36, but it wasn't enough.

The Lakers held LeBron James to 18 points, while back up guard Sasha Pavlovic led the Cavs with 21 points. The Cavs led at halftime 52 to 41 with a solid team effort in the first half. The Lakers came back to take the lead after 3 led by Kobe Bryant who prior to halftime had no free throw attempts, Kobe ended the game going 11 for 11 from the line. While Kobe became more aggressive in the 2nd half the Lakers failed to maintain the same intensiity they had in the 3rd quarter in the 4th, and were out scored by 12 in the final quarter, to fall to the Cavs 99 to 90.

The Lakers finished their 8 game road trip, the longest of their season.

The Cavs who have shown they can win without LeBron James and also with him when he doesn't display an all star performance. While LeBron did not lead in scoring today LeBron showed how come he is a young superstar of the game by adding 8 rebounds and 5 assists, demonstrating teamwork is what wins games not an individual.

The Lakers go home with a 30-22 record, while Cleveland is a game better with a 30-21 record.