Monday Listed, Five NBA Stars On Trading Block: Ron Artest, Mike Bibby, Kobe Bryant, Shawn Marion, Jermaine O’Neal

Back in the day, star players would typically stay in one city for their entire careers. When you thought of an NBA team, you couldn’t help but think of their superstar. L.A. was Magic Johnson’s town, while Boston had Larry Bird. And His Airness, Michael Jordan, ran things in Chicago.

Times have certainly changed. Nowadays players change teams like Paris Hilton changes boyfriends. So with the 2007-08 season fast approaching, HoopsVibe The Blog decided to look at five NBA stars who are on the trading block. As always, get at us in the comment box below with your thoughts.

Player: Ron Artest.

Team: Sacramento Kings.

The Deal: Artest, after a tough season in Sacramento, is available. The Knicks are apparently interested in bringing the temperamental forward home to New York.

Player: Mike Bibby.

Team: Sacramento Kings.

The Deal: The Kings are looking to build around Kevin Martin, so Bibby could be dealt. The Cavs and Heat are possible trading partners.

Player: Kobe Bryant.

Team: Los Angeles Lakers.

The Deal: We have to keep reporting this situation because Kobe Bryant won’t clarify his status with the Los Angeles Lakers. Fair enough, though. No news is better than last May’s circus. Still, things are awfully quiet at Staples Center. Something big could soon happen.

Player: Shawn Marion.

Team: Phoenix Suns.

The Deal: The Matrix makes sixteen million dollars per season, so his name always comes up in trade rumors. But Marion, fair or not, keeps getting blamed for Phoenix’s chemistry issues.

Player: Jermaine O’Neal.

Team: Indiana Pacers.

The Deal: The Pacers will move O’Neal if they decide to tear things down and rebuild. Could the veteran power forward end up in L.A. with Kobe Bryant?